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Working in partnership...

As an official MicroStrategy Partner we have extended our portfolio to offer consultancy, training and implementation services on MicroStrategy's market leading Business Intelligence Software. Newtyne will work with you to identify and deliver your BI inititatives from strategy and planning to presentation and delivery.

Your choice of BI solution will directly impact your success. Companies choose MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability. Contact us to learn more.


Get Started For Free

Free resources to accelerate the success of your applications

Free Software - MicroStrategy Suite provides everything you need for 10 users to develop and deliver mobile apps, dashboards and reports.

Free Training - MicroStrategy Workshops - one day hands on introductory sessions to Business Analytics, Mobile App Platform and Developing Analytic Applications.

To Kick Start your MicroStrategy BI journey contact Newtyne for more details.

Mobile Intelligence

MicroStrategy's mobile app platform enables organisations to custom build a wide variety of essential mobile apps that deliver business intelligence, transactions, and multimedia content.

Produce enterprise-class apps in less time,  with no programming and deploy to multiple devices and operating systems.

MicroStrategy Mobile Apps

Usher is the first Mobile Identity Network for the mobile wave.



Cloud Intelligence

Cloud Express is a software-as-a-service BI solution designed to help business people build web and mobile intelligence applications for their data faster and more effectively. Capabilities include:

  • Design mobile interfaces without writing code
  • Access on-premise and cloud databases instantly
  • Build engaging visualisations and interactive dashboards
  • Deliver personalised dashboards to the masses
  • Enterprise-grade security and user management

Cloud Platform is a platform-as-a-service solution providing BI as well as Data Hosting (DB & ETL) in the cloud.

Direct Connect - Data does not have to leave your data centre 

Data Services - Data Storage, database and data integration services (ETL) take care of all your data management needs. 




BI Solutions

A single high performance, scalable enterprise Business Intelligence platform capable of delivering deep insight with interactive dashboards and superior analytics. Providing the lowest TCO and broadest BI capabilities it includes:

Dashboards - enable the combining of dozens of reports into a single advanced dashboard.

Reporting - Enterprise reporting provides business intelligence to the masses by delivering detailed information that impacts decision-makers at all levels.

Analytics - Advanced and predicive analysis gives business users and information analysts full investigative power across all data to find the details behind specific performance outcomes.

Closed Loop BI - enable executives and the business to instantly traverse from insight directly to action.