Advanced Certification Review
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Advanced Certification Review Training

Course Length:

This is a four-day course.

Course Summary:

The Advanced Certification Review is useful to refresh the minds of those who have undergone Newtyne's Macros, PROC SQL and Advanced Programming training courses (or their equivalents) but do not use all of these advanced certification topics on a day-to-day basis.  Also, when new software versions bring additional functions and features we ensure 'seasoned' programmers become fully aware of them.  Newtyne's experienced trainers will close gaps in knowledge and provide a great chance of attaining certification.

What you will be taught:

    • PROC SQL Subqueries
      • Non-Correlated Subqueries
      • Correlated Subqueries
    • Joining Data Sets Horizontally with PROC SQL
      • COALESCE Function
      • Table Aliases
      • In-Line Views
    • Joining Data Sets Vertically with PROC SQL
      • EXCEPT Rule
      • INTERSECT Rule
      • UNION Rule
      • OUTER UNION Rule
    • Managing Tables with PROC SQL
      • UPDATE Statement
      • DELETE Statement
      • ALTER Statement
      • DROP Statement
      • Creating an Index
    • Macro Functions
      • Character Manipulation Functions
      • Numeric and Boolean Logic Functions
      • DATA Step Functions in the Macro Processor
    • Macro Programs
      • Compile and Call a Macro Program
      • Autocall Macro Programs
      • Macro Program Parameters - Positional, Keyword, Combined
    • Global and Local Symbol Tables
      • Creating & Updating Macro Variables
      • Resolving Macro Variables
    • Data Set Pages and I/O Processing
      • Attributes of Data Set Pages
      • Efficiency Savings with I/O
    • Numeric Data Storage and Compressing Data Sets
      • Reduced Length Numeric Variables
      • Attributes of Compressed Data Sets
      • Comparing Compression Algorithms
    • Arrays as Lookup Tables
      • One-Dimensional Arrays
      • DIM Function
    • Hash Objects as Lookup Table
      • DATA Step Hash Objects
      • The FIND Method
      • The CALL MISSING Routine
      • Chained Lookups
      • HITER Objects

What you should already know:

      • in-depth knowledge of DATA step functions and programming syntax to generate efficient code
      • ability to generate and interpret queries using the SQL procedure
      • experience of creating macro variables and macro programs using the Macro Processing facility



The Newtyne Advanced Certification Review course includes:

      • Instructor-led Training.
      • Practice Exam.
      • Free-format Q & A Session.
      • Formal SAS Certification Exam


Delegates must previously have passed the SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 certification.  If not, you should consider completing Newtyne's three-day Base Certification Review course.

On the afternoon of the fourth day the Newtyne Instructor will accompany the delegates to an independent testing centre where they will sit the SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 exam.  Newtyne course fees include the cost of the certification exam.




If the dates below do not suit please contact us on +44 (0)131 225 6952 as alternative dates can be arranged.



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