Python for SAS Programmers

Python for SAS Programmers

36 hours
£1,620 inc VAT

As an existing SAS programmer, this self-paced eLearning SAS to Python conversion course is perfect for you.

It will enable you to transfer your understanding and experience of working with the Language of SAS to develop meaningful programs and achieve the required results in Python.

Completion of this course will help you attain PCEP professional certification from the Python Institute.

Written by SAS and Python experts, this course has been designed for those with prior knowledge of the Language of SAS and will provide direct comparisons to the Language of SAS throughout the course to provide context aiding learning and skills transfer.

There are mini quizzes and hands-on practices exercises throughout to help assess and reinforce your learning with access to FREE bonus material.

Once you have completed the learning you will have an opportunity to enrol to join a live online Masterclass with one of our trainers.

Python for SAS Programmers

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