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Newtyne Academy lead to my Dream Job

What is your current role?

I’m a Credit Risk Specialist within the Existing Customer Management team in Credit Risk at Tesco Bank. I’m responsible for delivering portfolio analysis within account management strategies such as credit limit increases and decreases.

It’s a fast paced role, keeping abreast of industry and economic change whilst effectively managing our portfolio, it certainly keeps me on my toes!

 I’ve been with Tesco Bank 10 years(!!) and I was part of the first Newtyne intake for Tesco Bank, which has continued to be a huge success since…

What our Learners Say

FastTrack Base Certification Course
November 2022
The course is easy to follow and meet the objective. ‘Live’ class  is brilliant and ‘live’ demo and explanation added value to the course. Thanks. – Phyllis 
Fundamentals the Language of SAS Course
May 2022
I felt the structure of the week was an ideal environment to learn in, allowing for open conversation during the live sessions, and enough time to review and carry out the exercises in the afternoon. –   Stuart
FastTrack Base Certification Course
February 2022
The Course was comprehensive, detailed and easy to follow. I was ‘SAS ready’ in just 2 weeks.   – AEGON
Python for SAS Programmers Course
October 2021
The python for SAS Programmers (PSP) course has been excellent. It has made python a lot more accessible and easier to learn. Highly Recommended.     – Pin
PROC(SQL) the Language of SAS Course
April 2021
All topics included were covered in great detail and demonstrate the power of PROC(SQL). Particularly the advanced techniques with indexing. Very pleased with the training course. -Sam
Newtyne Academy Graduate 2020
March 2020
The academy experience was the best kickstart a career that anyone could hope for.  I was especially impressed considering we were the first group to go through the online academy.   – Mickey
Newtyne Academy Graduate 2015
January 2015
I made lifelong friends through the Newtyne Academy, it’s the perfect middle set between University and the real world. – Eliza
Newtyne Academy Graduate 2012
November 2012
I’d recommend the Academy for anyone who is interested in a data-driven role, loves problem solving and new challenges. – Steph