Introduction to Python for SAS Programmers


New Python Course

Our new Python course is now available on the Newtyne Digital Learning Platform. Developing your skills and learning a new programming language couldn’t be easier.

This new course takes your existing SAS knowledge and provides a framework to learn Python skills in context. Specifically designed to address the needs of SAS professionals looking to enhance their programming skills with the unique insight into the world of Python from their perspective.

“The course gives a good overview of the construct of python compared to SAS and is totally relevant to ‘my world’ “ Beta Tester Feedback


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This course comprises six modules in a curated learning pathway which will give you a solid understanding of the Python building blocks from which to progress on to Python programming. Topics covered include;

  • An Introduction to Python and its history
  • Basics of Python Syntax
  • Python variables – including naming conventions and data types
  • Overview of Jupyter notebooks
  • Everything is Data – Classes, Objects, Properties and Methods.

With mini quizzes and comprehensive exercises throughout to assess and reinforce your learning.To get a flavour of the new course and what you can expect take our Python Demo module. Python Demo Or if you wish to dive straight in for the full experience take the Python Learning Pathway.Introduction to Python for SAS Programmers

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