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In these uncertain times, investing in skills to future-proof your career or to ensure your team stay relevant couldn’t be easier with our new Digital Learning Platform.

With an expanding catalogue of learning our platform provides a wealth of knowledge, to update your SAS language programming skills quickly and at your convenience.

Bitesize modules ensure you get what you need, when you need it, with focused topics designed to enhance your Language of SAS code. FREE Reference Modules included.

Each bitesize module comes packaged with 6 COMPLIMENTARY reference modules to support your learning. These include programming and data concepts plus an overview of selecting Variables and Observations providing all the background knowledge you need for success

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More about our Bitesize Modules

Try our Language of SAS Functions bitesize modules which will enable you to manipulate the data to suit your requirements –  providing richer results tailored to your needs.

Charatcter Functions Learn: SUBSTR, SCAN, CATX functions and more

Date Functions         Learn: TODAY, MDY, INTCK functions and more

Try our Language of SAS Macros bitesize modules, to add that extra level of complexity to your code and make repetitive tasks more dynamic and efficient.

Macro Processing   Learn: compile & execute, tokenisation and more

Macro Functions    Learn: %INDEX, %STR, %EVAL  functions and more

All bitesize modules include knowledge checks throughout and hands-on exercises to support your learning, plus a downloadable certificate.

If you would like more information on our bitesize modules you can contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you

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