Meet the Newtyners:
Dudley Smith

Hayley Skipworth
Meet the Newtyners

We are delighted to introduce the next in our #MeetTheNewtyners series, Dudley Smith.

Dudley joined the Newtyne family almost 6 years ago, following in his brother Winston’s footsteps. He has a talent for getting the best out of every situation especially if it involves food or outdoor walking. He has become a valuable member of the team often joining MSTeams calls to take charge of proceedings and is not afraid to ‘bark’ orders when necessary.

So we decided to ask him a few questions about his time with Newtyne so far;

Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Dudley, What do you enjoy most about working for Newtyne?

The training so far has been excellent. I can sit, roll over and wait as requested – the treats are well worth it! Newtyne certainly do offer me a great reward package. I am also able to plan my own day and prioritise my workload as I see fit,  so I am able to get in at least one mid-morning nap and another one after lunch too. I try not to put too many demands on my colleagues but an afternoon walk is very motivating – so I really do have a great work/life balance.

What are the biggest challenges to your role?

It is not always easy to use the computer keyboard with dexterity.  As you might imagine, my paws tend to get in the way. Completing my recent Display Screen Equipment training was a challenge – but it was fun to try.

Working with data and communication is key to success at Newtyne. I can process who is passing the gate, what time my food is due and how many treats between meals I should have. I always provide the required feedback  to inform these key decisions.  In particular, I take full responsibility on a daily basis for informing the team that the postman has arrived.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is getting my point across on MSTeams calls it seems to get lost in translation but I really enjoy being on screen alongside my colleagues.

What are your plans for the next 6 months?

To make sure I am included in absolutely everything, that my voice is heard, and I contribute to the smooth running of the team by keeping the bosses in order. I will also need to avoid distractions like the ducks that have recently started sitting outside my window. They are fun to watch and chase!

I will also continue to deploy my exceptional skill of tilting my head to one side and pretending to have ‘sad eyes’, which I am sure will work towards me getting a more senior role in the organisation.

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