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Kieran Aitken Consultant

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Meet the Newtyners

Our next #MeetTheNewtyner is Kieran Aitken a Data and Analytics Consultant who joined the team after attending the Newtyne Academy in 2019.  As a first role out of University Kieran met all the challenges of a demanding new role head on – it was a steep but enjoyable learning curve all taken in his stride. Now with a variety of client based projects, news skills and certifications under his belt we asked him about his experience.

Here is what he had to say;



Hi Kieran, What attracted you to the role of a Data and Analytics consultant?

I have always been interested in understanding data, analysing problems and forming solutions since an early age. 

A role as a data and analytics consultant seemed like a great fit for me, as I could gain knowledge quickly in key areas and learn valuable skills across multiple analytical roles.

The opportunity to contribute to and learn about a variety of different organisations was also very appealing, as it would provide me with a wide range of experience to support my career development.

What key skills do you think are key to success as a consultant?

There are many skills that I believe contribute to a successful data and analytics consultant.

From a technical point of view, growing your knowledge in a range of different software can be very useful, as different organisations will use different tools.

A keen eye for detail and pattern recognition is another skill I’ve learned has great importance, as it allows you to drive key insights and analysis through data.

As a consultant the willingness to learn and grow your skillset from more experienced colleagues is key, it provides an understanding of the business from their perspective so you can get up to speed and add value more quickly.

Finally, I’d say a key aspect of a consultant is being able to become a team player. This comes from building a rapport with your team, and creating relationships that will help the team function more effectively and achieve the objectives.

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What has been the best part of your Consultancy experience so far?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to just one, but meeting your team, building a relationship, and putting in valuable work that makes a difference is a great feeling.

Having constant support from both Newtyne and the clients gives you a lot of confidence.

The realisation that you’re also improving in your role and developing a deeper understanding of client requirements is also a great feeling to have.

I’ve also really enjoyed learning many different coding languages. The ability to discuss which language would work best for a particular requirement and then code the solution is a great sense of achievement. and has helped massively in my data and analytics career.




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