Meet the Newtyners:
Lorenzo Wagemaker, Newtyne Academy Graduate

Hayley Skipworth
Meet the Newtyners

Lorenzo graduated from Edinburgh University with a master’s degree in mathematics, he was looking for a challenging opportunity to develop new skills and gain experience in the finance world. The Newtyne Academy provided the full package so we asked him a few questions to see if it had delivered so far:

Hi Lorenzo, What attracted you to the Newtyne Academy?

Having a background in mathematics and finance meant straight out of Uni I was keen to find a finance data oriented job. So the Newtyne offering of a SAS qualification and access to working at some great financial companies appealed to me. What I liked about Newtyne is that they provide a more direct path than the usual graduate scheme. Through this you get a jump start on your career.

Has the experience so far, met expectations?

My goals were to develop my coding abilities and to learn more about working in finance. Having now worked at Aegon, I can say that those expectations have been met.

Through this experience I have been given the opportunity to get a meaningful role in a newly set up team.

We are currently working on loads of new and interesting Python projects to automate financial processes. Through this I have become much better at coding in a professional setting and have learned loads about finance.

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What one key piece of advice would you give someone interested in the Newtyne Academy ?

If you are interested in finance and would like to see the power of data through code, then I would definitely recommend applying to the Newtyne Academy!

One thing I noticed when applying to the Newtyne Academy is that the application process is a much nicer experience than applying to some graduate scheme at a big company.

I could tell that the team made a real effort to make me feel as comfortable and well prepared for the interview and presentation as possible.

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