Meet The Newtyners:
Nathan Wilson, Academy Graduate

Craig Ramsay
Meet the Newtyners

Hi Nathan, What attracted you to the Newtyne Academy?

When I was searching for my next challenge, a role as a data analyst in financial services really appealed to me.
There is a lot of crossover between the skills required in my degree course and those I use in my role now: programming, which is something that I particularly enjoyed in my degree, but also statistical analysis, and even report writing, are all frequently used.

Has the experience so far met expectations?

Yes – definitely, The first month consisted of training, delivered remotely, and primarily focused on the SAS programming language and BASE SAS certification. and working in the credit risk team at Sainsbury’s Bank has been a fascinating experience.
There is a lot to learn and it has been interesting to see how the skills I have leamt can support decisions made that affect the business on a larger scale
You’ll also meet many people who have been through the Newtyne Academy, so you have a great network to reach out to for advice.

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What one key piece of advice would you have for someone interested in joining the Newtyne Academy?

It’s a fantastic opportunity, so I would recommend applying.
If you do apply, preparation is key. Research both Newtyne and the potential clients and think of an interesting question for each, to maximise your chance of impressing one of them. Prepare for the introductory task as if you were delivering to a company stakeholder. Work hard in the first month and you will have the confidence and ability to contribute from the start.


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