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Introduction to PROC SQL


Learning PROC SQL

The Language of SAS is ideal for those looking to add versatility to their programming toolkit when working with the Language of SAS.

This course will elevate your comprehension, combining your current SAS language with some fundamental SQL skills.

Using PROC SQL in your code has many benefits and this eLearning pathway is your first step on that journey.  Don’t let other folks’ SQL code intimidate you!

Delivered via our Digital Learning Platform Introduction to PROC SQL (Level 1) will guide you through the building blocks of PROC SQL in the Language of SAS.


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Available now as a mini eLearning pathway, providing flexibility to learning anytime, in any place and on any device.

On the course you will learn how to:

  1. Describe how to implement SQL within the Language of SAS.
  2. Describe how to subset data to select columns and rows.
  3. Explain how to summarise and classify data.

There are mini quizzes and comprehensive exercises throughout to help assess and reinforce your learning.

Review the course overview for the full details.

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