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What is your current role?

My career’s been quite the adventure. I had to wear different hats and fell head over heels for all things software. Presently, I am a Lead Software Engineer in one of the technology labs at Lloyds Banking Group, navigating the tech world with a bunch of talented individuals. It’s a mix of leadership and getting my hands dirty with code.

Working in the banking world is a journey. Did you know there’s an online PIN and an offline one for your card? There are so many quirky complexities. But that’s the fun part – finding creative solutions, helping the team, and weaving together beautiful code and architectures.

Every day is a new challenge, and that’s what keeps it exciting. Plus, there’s this endless potential for growth, both for me and my team.


How useful was the Newtyne Academy experience?

Honestly, it’s the main reason I’m on this path today. It opened my eyes to the joy of learning, armed me with the right tools (got that SAS certification in my pocket!), and made the whole career switch from Mathematics and Economics to tech way smoother.

Being a Newtyne grad flips the job search upside down. Instead of throwing resumes into the void, employers come to you. It’s like a job hunt dream. The networking is amazing, and the experience is priceless

What are the key benefits of the Newtyne Academy?

I loved structured learning that didn’t feel like a lecture, instructors who’ve been around the block, and a push to dive into research. It laid a solid foundation for what was to come. Moving to the Royal Bank of Scotland through the academy was an amazing experience. Building a new bank from scratch had its challenges, but it was thrilling. That’s right, my first position included building a new bank – hats off to you, Newtyne. And that one-year academy experience turned into a permanent job. I kept learning and eventually hopped into software engineering.

Quick tip for new graduates: trust the process, put in the work, and don’t let impostor syndrome mess with you. Oh, and self-care – it’s the secret sauce in this ever-changing tech world.

Satas Kapocius Academy Graduate 2015 Lloyds Banking Group

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